Making Micro Resolutions

Looking at my schedule for the next couple of months makes me cringe. There’s so much to do that I can’t even find where I should begin, let alone figure out the best path through it all. That is until I found inspiration in my planner. Oh yea, that’s right, my obsessive decorating finally paid off!

The list already inspired a small poster for my desk!

The latest #ListersGottaList challenge asked for the best advice I’ve seen or heard. I filled two inserts full of magazine clippings with positive and uplifting messages. As I was merrily glueing away, I started wondering if making empowering notes for myself would actually help my situation. Turns out, it does! And there’s science to prove it.

Creating messages, vision boards, inserts, etc. as a means of motivation is called visualization. The process works because:

“…neurons in our brains, those electrically excitable cells that transmit information, interpret imagery as equivalent to a real-life action. When we visualize an act, the brain generates an impulse that tells our neurons to “perform” the movement. This creates a new neural pathway…that primes our body to act in a way consistent to what we imagined…”

Using this method to influence my mood, energy level, and focus is going to be put to the test. Rather than looking at one huge task, I’m going to mix smaller resolutions with positive images in the hopes that my incredibly scary looking to-do list will become magically more manageable.

Have you tried making micro resolutions? Leave me your tips in the comments below!

It’s the weekend, people! Have a good one!



Author: Tiffany Fay

I'm Tiffany! I blog about illness, crafting, and share lots of tutorials. And photos of my cats

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