How To Create Mood Board Templates

Designing templates is fast, easy, and so worth it!


Husband and I found a new place to live! Although we’ve been living in our current home for six years, we’re both excited for a larger kitchen and a closer commute to work. I also get my very own craft room! Since we signed the papers, I’ve been dreaming about my new little room and how it will look. Of course, I’m turning to moodboards to help me organize my ideas.

My newest board made using my own template!

I’ve written about these boards before, but I’m interested in building my own from scratch. There’s very little information on creating templates, largely because designers want you to buy their PSD files. With this how-to, you’ll be able to make your own templates for free!

Photoshop? No Way!

Unless you’re a graphic or web designer, Photoshop is not an absolute necessity. I create all of the graphics I make here and on Tumblr with a free program called Paint.Net. You can also use services like Canva or PicMonkey.

Want to make your own moodboard template? Read on for the how-to!

Keep in mind that moodboard templates are just shapes put together like a jigsaw puzzle, no matter what shapes you use.


  1. First, locate the file tab and click on “New.” Setting both the pixel width and height to 600 pixels will give you a nice square shape.
  2. In the “Layers” panel, create a new layer by clicking the
    square button with the plus sign. Think of the layer system like a house.The background is your foundation, with every layer simply building on top of the next.
  3. Now, create shapes in your new layer by selecting the shape button in the tool panel (or drop down menu at top). This is largely how the template comes together. Mix and match the shapes and sizes. I’d recommend putting each new shape on a different layer.
  4. When you’re happy with your template, merge all your shape layers together by clicking the middle button in the “Layers” panel (it looks like two squares with a blue arrow in between).

That’s it. So easy, right!? The best part about making your own templates is that they will reflect your design taste. I love geometric shapes, so the fact that my template includes a hexagon doesn’t surprise me. Plus, they allow you to focus on the things important to you. My template has enough space for me to include colors, textures, set-ups I adore, and keys me into how my inner designer sees the space being used. In fact, before making this board, I hadn’t thought of turning this room into blog central, but only as a sewing room. These templates are so easy to create, that I’m no longer going to lose time searching for the perfect one – I’ll make it myself!


Author: Tiffany Fay

I'm Tiffany! I blog about illness, crafting, and share lots of tutorials. And photos of my cats

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