Create A Simple Motivation Poster

Life is stressful. Can we agree on that? Everytime I hear my kiddos say, “Ugh, I can’t wait to grow up because ____,” I stop them and convince them that one day, they will have to work and feed themselves and it generally sucks. Sure, there are good things, but I largely hate being an adult most days.

I either made this project to quiet my inner critic (she’s so loud) or to cheer myself up after a tough day yesterday. No matter the reason, I must have needed this. It took me less than 20 minutes to make the first piece of intentional art that will hang in my new craft room, and it’s sole purpose is to motivate me to be myself. In the end, you have to live with all the decisions you make, good and bad. As long as you know you do the best you can in any given situation, that’s what matters.

2016-05-10 05

Interested in making a positive message for yourself? My full tutorial (with pictures!) is after the cut!

I started with a sample piece of wallpaper. Paint stores often throw out wallpaper books, which is where I found my sample.

This is the first project where I felt comfortable enough freehanding the lettering. Find a font you like –DaFont and 1001Fonts are two fav sites of mine- and print out your quote. If you’d rather put your own words on it, go for it! That’s the best thing about do-it-yourself projects, in my opinion.


Once I removed my cat from the desk, I threw paint all over the place. Not only is this motivational, but it’s also a stress reliever! Gold speckles added a bit of sparkle. When we move later this week, I plan to hang the piece by a simple binder clip. This is a great way of keeping a gallery wall fresh without hammering in a billion different nails.


All in all, the hardest part about this idea is finding the quote or words you’d like to use! I plan to update this post with the final hanging piece when we move! If you make one, I’d love to see your message!

Here’s to a stress-free and perfect Tuesday. Or, at least not a repeat of yesterday.



Author: Tiffany Fay

I'm Tiffany! I blog about illness, crafting, and share lots of tutorials. And photos of my cats

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