Fix Your Boring Office Stationery

Nothing says I appreciate your time like boring, white, plain office stationery.

Or not. All of my things have my personality imprinted on them. So, why can’t my thank you cards? Isn’t it possible to both represent our library and myself at the same time without spending hours on my mail? You bet! collage.jpg


I didn’t even think to do most of this until my bored after school group painted my business cards. And they look awesome! You’re not going to forget a bright neon yellow business card that’s painted. Plus, it helps showcase my connection with the kids. This also means that no two cards are the same. I could seriously just ramble about how wonderfully personal, yet professionally relevant my cards are. Splatter painting is a great alternative and something I am going to try on my next round of cards!


Our card front has the library logo on it, but the inside is a perfectly blank canvas. I grabbed simple Crayola markers and added some lettered flare to each card. But, if this isn’t an option, an insert can always be added to the card. Words could also be highlighted by writing the letters in different colors. If you’re a doodler, add some drawings to the first letter in your message. If you’d rather play it a bit safe, bold black words, simple stamps, and washi tape can sometimes be just as effective.

2016-04-30 06
Personal, professional…perfect!


I made liners for each of the thank you cards I am handing out. Simply trace around your envelope and cut about a quarter of an inch in so your liner fits neatly between the adhesive strips. Magazines, book pages, or your own patterns are all great materials to add to your envelope. Even lightweight fabric could be used! Our library is furnished around a blue color scheme, so most of my additions are in blue.

However you say “thank you” make sure it’s memorable! Always keep in mind the situation and person you are thanking. I love the other creative ideas over at The Crafted Life and Brit + Co!

Finally – look for an update this week *hopefully* about my Squishy Circuit project!



Author: Tiffany Fay

I'm Tiffany! I blog about illness, crafting, and share lots of tutorials. And photos of my cats

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