How To Kick A Bad Habit + Freebie

Bad habits – we’ve all got ’em. These habits most likely end up on New Year’s resolutions, but it’s almost June and I don’t know about you, but my bad habits are still hanging around. I am absolutely positive, though, that we can finally kick our habits to the curb! To help myself become hyper aware of things I need to work on, I created a planner insert to track several things, including my medication (super important!). Scroll down to find the insert!


Most of the research I found through Google suggests breaking out a notebook and jotting down details about your bad habit. Tracking it with my handy printable takes care of that, plus it’s the perfect size to carry with you wherever you go. Personally, I pick at hangnails and consequently use a lot of bandaids. But, every time Husband points it out, I don’t even realize that I’m actively allowing myself to indulge in this bad habit. Paying a lot of attention to your habit is key to kicking it.

It’s also incredibly important to understand why you’ve developed the habit. My poor fingers really took a beating as a way to cope with anxiety during my teen years. Stress and boredom are two of the most common causes of bad habits, so my situation is fairly common. If it’s a particular event or condition that triggers your habit, try eliminating that from your day, or finding another way of coping (like a stress ball!).

Look into the details of your habit; where is just as important as why. If you want to stop eating fast food, but drive right past dozens of restaurants, take a different route home to avoid the temptation. Don’t make it easy for yourself to slip into the habit. I never drink enough water, namely because Husband and I stock up on soda. Rather than buying the 24 pack, I’m considering buying only a six pack of pop so I have to ration myself (oh yea, it’s going to be hard). I am making my environment suit my habit, which has to be fixed before any progress is going to happen.

I’m challenging myself this week to be kinder to my hands, to remember to take all of my medicine, and to drink more water. The planner insert is sized for an A5 planner, but I have no problem creating other sizes!

Download from Dropbox!

Let’s all challenge ourselves to kick a bad habit! If I can do it, then I believe you can, too!

What a great way to start a new week! Happy Monday!



Author: Tiffany Fay

I'm Tiffany! I blog about illness, crafting, and share lots of tutorials. And photos of my cats

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