Moodboard Magic: Turning Your Moodboard Into a .Gif

Making your own .gif art is easy!


There’s no better way to start the week off than with sparkle. I spent yesterday clearing out more boxes (yes, they’re still here! I’m trying :/) and relaxing a bit with Husband before he went to work. He has watched Gods of Egypt four or five times, and I finally sat down long enough to watch it. He is absolutely to blame for my slight obsession with glitter, now.

I was absolutely in awe of the gorgeous, shiny textures and features in the movie. Today’s mood board is pretty sparkly, but I convinced myself to take the plunge and write up a tutorial for how I create my .gif art on Tumblr. This is only my way; I’m by far not a “professional” graphic artist. So, take my shortcuts with that in mind.


My full tutorial is after the cut; remember, if you have questions or need help, I would love to answer questions!

My “plain” board this week

Make Your Board

Starting with a completely finished board makes things so much easier. You don’t have tons of layers to deal with.

Find Your Overlay

I use a program called GifCam to record footage from YouTube. I cannot warn you enough: only use sources that are free. Look for a disclaimer that says something like “Free video for your private or commercial use in video projects.” If not, you’re stealing. As someone who has had work taken in the past, I’m telling you it really pisses an artist off. Got it? Good. Search for overlays, b-roll film, or stock footage with open permission. When you’ve found the one, record it. I normally record at least 30 seconds so I have plenty to work with later. The one I selected can be found here.

Split Your .Gif

Now you have a finished board and a .gif overlay. I use the GifMaker exploder tab to split the .gif into separate frames. When the .gif is split, you’ll download it as a .zip file and extract all the files. I find it helpful to create a new, temporary folder on my desktop to dump the photos in. Go through all the files and pick no less than 10 consecutive photos. Now comes the tedious part.

Add Your .Gif Files as Layers and Start Saving

Open your board and add a new layer in If you’ve missed any of my previous tutorials, you can view the latest one here. Now, my Layer 2 is the first of my .gif files. Play around with different blending modes and find one you like.

When you’ve got your mode picked, start adding the rest of the .gif files you selected to your background image. I only have seven files chosen just as an example. If all your files are added and the blending mode has been changed on each file, you’re ready to save. Start by selecting your first file and background. All others should be hidden (as shown in the photo to the left with empty check boxes). Save those two layers and a .gif file named “1” or “A”; when you upload your images, this will save you. will flatten your image, but just undo and it will split all your layers again. Repeat until all your files and background have been saved. You should now have brand new images ready to be turned into a .gif

Turn It Into A .Gif!

I use EZGif to smash my images together to form a playing .gif file. Click the Gif Maker tab and upload all your new files. If your files are named with numbers or letters, this will make it easier on you to select which files goes first, second, third, etc.

Your screen should look like this.


Ready? Select the animate button and hold your breath! Your new .gif will appear on the same page at the bottom. Congrats, you just turned your blah board or graphic into something with movement!

If you make anything, I’d love to see! Share the url in the comments!

Happy Monday!


Author: Tiffany Fay

I'm Tiffany! I blog about illness, crafting, and share lots of tutorials. And photos of my cats

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