Take It With You: Portable Moodboards

Or, “Duh, I Should Have Started Doing This A Billion Years Ago.”

Every Sunday, I sit down and write about how I’m making moodboards work for me, and how I jazz them up. Today, I’m going to break one of my own rules…and go against technology. Ah, I know! It’s scary! It will be brief, though, and then I will apologize to my wifi router.


There are times when wifi sucks and I’m too cheap to turn on my mobile data (or the network at work decides it hates me). My moodboard does me very, very little good if it’s stuck “in the cloud.” I curse at my phone too much as it is (you hear that, LG?), so to save it a bit of stress, I turned my planner into my moodboard.

That answer probably stared me in the eyes for months, but I only consciously put it into action today. Yay new beginnings!  When I say my whole planner, I mean the cover, the inserts – the entire, flipping thing. That is, after all, why I named Sunday “Planner Day” in my head. It’s easy to customize; one more reason I’m loving my transition from snazzy planner to an A5 three-ringed binder.

Making your board portable is a lot easier than it sounds. I’ll break down how I designed my current spread after the jump!

Find what inspired my newest “board” after the jump!

Creating a mood planner (a term I coined just now) is different than how I set up my planner in a couple of important ways:

Finding what inspires you is the first step. No matter your feelings on the current gossip going around, Johnny Depp makes a nice cologne ad. I originally stumbled across Dior’s fragrance ad in an issue of Harper’s Bazaar. It has a scrumptious mix of bergamot and Ambroxan that I swear is addictive. Well, my brain now links that scent to Depp…darn. But, that’s Dior’s fault. The official site includes a blurb from perfumer François Demachy, who used “man as my starting point.” Depp’s uber modern style and almost ageless appeal hit all the right notes.

Dissecting your inspiration involves a couple of different things. Look at colors, textures, shapes, smells, everything. I broke down the ad in just this way and came away with tons of design ideas. I came away with a couple different ways to design my planner:

  • clean fragrance = simple format highlighting white on white design
  • Depp’s classic charm = old-world building details
  • light scent = drops of color with pastel pinks and blues
  • Depp’s rebel nature = torn, rough edges

This is way more productive for me than my previous method. My headspace is pretty hectic, and when inspiration fires off ten more ideas, it can be near impossible to find my way back to my original inspiration. My planner goes with me everywhere, so my focus is always right there. Whether it’s colors I’m using in web design, sewing projects I’m considering, music I’m listening to – I have a clear path to work with, which will streamline the “to do” things I have on my desk.

My summary? Don’t just slap things into your planner. Consider why you’re choosing certain colors, accents, or objects. Make them mean something, make them a connecting thread between projects. Simply: get the most out of your planner!



Author: Tiffany Fay

I'm Tiffany! I blog about illness, crafting, and share lots of tutorials. And photos of my cats

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