5 Font Artists You Need To Follow

Get your brushes ready, people. These five artists are so talented, they’ll make you want to plunk down all day and practice curling your s’s. Keep your eyes peeled for some great tools to sharpen your lettering skills at the end of the post!


Without further ado, here’s my list of five artists you should absolutely, without doubt, be following!

Holly McCaig 

This chick proves that lettering is a true art form. She doesn’t just stop there, though. Holly also posts about branding, moodboards, and growing a social following. She’s basically a one-stop shop. Absolutely one of my favorites!

Alex Estes @ Prairie Letter Shop

Alex has such an interesting story that takes her from teaching, to opening her Etsy store, and finally to opening Prairie Letter Shop. Her style is light and airy, and so classic. The thing I love the most thought, is Alex’s belief in investing in other letterers. She doesn’t keep things a secret, but rather steps up on a podium and shouts about talent she sees in workshops and online.

The thing about neighbors is that they have a tendency to be pretty different. I love that the second most important commandment after loving God is loving our neighbors. Your neighbors may make choices that make you scratch your head. Your neighbor may share different values, traditions or religious beliefs–or ascribe to none at all. Your neighbor may act, think, sing, dance, eat, and vote differently than you do, but in the end, all of us are called to love each other. I can't imagine the pain and heartache felt by so many families and loved ones, and the LGBT community as a whole, in the wake of one of the most sorrowful days that I can remember. My prayer is that more of us stop to love and grieve and reach out, and above all, be reminded of our responsibility to act in real and tangible love, especially where our neighbors are concerned. ❤️

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Find the rest of my list after the jump!

Lindsey Bugbee

Lindsey has been at the helm of The Postman’s Knock for four years now. Nothing is off limits for her; using old photos as postcards, for instance, turned out to be a great idea. Like Alex, Lindsey defines herself as a “a teacher and a blogger.” Her style is full of embellished swirls and beautiful curls.

Cassie D. Tilton

“Creative expression is one of the great joys of my life and my hands are never still.”

If  I had to pick an absolute favorite, I think Cassie would be tied with Holly. Cassie uses beautiful, bright watercolors for lettering alongside gorgeous watercolor paintings. Her positive outlook and just keep swimming attitude always make me smile. Besides being an awesome wife and mother, Cassie is also one of the most encouraging artists I’ve ever come across. Stop reading right now and go check out her shop!

“If I could accomplish one thing, it would be to encourage women to discover their fabulousness and find joy in creative expression.”

Always keep dreaming. Build castles in the sky. Set goals. Step by step, reach them. Then dream some more and set new goals. Keep your eyes set high, your heart light and keep taking solid steps forward to reach them! :0) . This lettering artwork is brought to you by the lovely @gladysstories Check out her work, her pieces are dreamy! :0) . . INSPIRATION :0) . . #life #flowers #color #nature #lovely #amazing #love #30daysofbiblelettering #brushletterpracticechallenge #letteritjune #letteringaffirmations #dndchallenge #brushlettering #moderncalligraphy #calligraphy #makeup #wip #diy #handmade #growth #inspire #freshfiercefabulous @thedailytype @designsponge #daily #wanderlust @intriguingtype #colorsmyworld @typographyloveforyou #etsy @etsy #vsco #vscocam @createmyquote @yogavibes #togetherweletter #gratitude @lifeisgood @randomolive @katieisadaisy

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Lisa Funk and Addi Robison

Lisa and Addi are both busy moms who find the time (I personally think they have timeturners) to be a super lettering duo. That sold me on following their work; finding time to produce quality pieces between work and being ill is  sometimes near impossible, but they are proof that your life and your art can work peacefully together. Their collective style is whimsical, lighthearted, and very refreshing.

You're definitely gonna want to watch to the end if you're interested in seeing my ambidextrous toddler's amazing (*messy!!!!) hair & final artwork. Have you ever tried lettering with a toddler on your lap? It gets a little messy. Have you ever had a toddler in your life? It gets a lot messy. 😫 Regardless of whether or not you live with a toddler, life is just messy. It really is. We want it to be nice and neat and clean with great schedules, perfect relationships and a straight line from here to there but real life doesn't work that way. We stumble and fall, have lots of set backs, lots of breakdowns, sometimes regret the things we do or say. And that's ok. Life is messy for everyone. 💛 We just do our best and try to learn to enjoy the whole crazy process. Thinking about you all, hoping you find joy and meaning today! 💛-Lisa More 🎬 videos: #HLDvideos

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*Bonus* Missy Briggs

Missy is a phenomenal artist: she draws, she cuts vinyl, and she’s a lefty! No matter what, I always watch her videos, namely because she has a super unique technique. But, I really value Missy’s honesty. She blogs about making up words and pen abuse (she even has a hall of fame for wrecked pens!). Post for post, I consider Missy one of the most valued letterers out there!

Good morning! Have you seen the super-talented teachers over at @surelysimplechallenge? My tips and tricks on the palindrome will be featured there today. Go check it out. #simplealphabets #simplealphabets_palindrome 😎😎😎 What's a PALINDROME? A palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same backwards or forwards. My favorite, taco cat, is two words but some of them are one word, like Anna or civic. They can be multiple words too! In 1980, Giles Selig Hales claimed to have wrote world's longest palindrome, which consisted of 58,795 letters 🤓. He was probably bored. ✒️✒️✒️ The best part of the palindrome is that if you want to write backwards, you don't have to think about how to SPELL backwards. Lefty bonus🎉 Song: Write on me (my kids are addicted to music.ly. I've been listening to this one all week☺️) Nail color: Hello Kitty Super Cute in Pink #m2bvideo

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Holly’s Easy to Follow Brush Lettering Tutorial (she also posts all the resources she uses to create, share, and post)

Alex sells fantastic lettering kits, hosts workshops, and has free content here

Lindsey dedicates a whole page of her site to e-workshops, worksheets, and video courses. She also wrote a great post for beginners that shows her exact process (definitely recommended!)

Letterers, who’s your favorite artist out there? What has been the best resource you’ve found for upping your font game?

I’m enjoying my day off by writing up press releases and dumping all my program photos and videos into my Google Drive. Look for a massive library post about my programs and my newest ideas!



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