DIY Embroidery Hoop Mobile

You’re probably already convinced that I somehow have access to a magical supply of embroidery hoops. That, or I’m a hoarder. If so, I’m a hoarder who loves change…that I have control of. For instance, I love rearranging my craft room  furniture, creating new planner inserts, and repurposing things. Like this embroidery hoop. It was already hanging up, but I grew tired of how it was displayed.

While I was tearing it apart, I had the idea to solve two issues at once. First, I now had an empty hoop with nothing to put in it. Second, one of my favorite altered books fell apart, and I needed a way to keep the illustrations/collages/etc. Bam! My embroidery hoop is now a sketchbook mobile!


There’s something very calming about watching a mobile sway back and forth. I’ve made several, but unfortunately, none of them survived our move back in May. This option is not only super easy to make, but it’s also awfully practical. It’s art that displays art!

To make your own, you’ll need:

  • sketch pages/illustrations/etc.
  • single hole punch
  • scissors
  • thread
  • embroidery hoop (both inside and outside rings)

To start, punch a hole at the top of every page or thing you want on the mobile. Feed thread through that hole. I cut thread at different lengths to avoid placing pages too close together. Once you have your thread placed, think about placement for your pages. I mapped out my pages around the hoop like shown in the photo below.

When you’re happy with the arrangement go ahead and start tying your pages to the hoop. For each page, bring up both ends of the thread and tie them around the inside hoop. Before you attach the inside and outside hoops, you’ll need to tie two pieces of thread to the outside hoop (see photo below). I looped wire around the center of the threads; I hung the mobile from that loop. After I tied all the pages, I slipped the outer hoop over the inside hoop and tightened it to ensure all the pages were secure.

It’s such an unconventional “sketchbook,” but I love having my favorite pieces right there. They serve a much better purpose hanging from a mobile than they do stuffed inside a book that’s buried under ten other notebooks.

Craving more mobile ideas? Check out my new Pinterest board!

What’s your favorite way to display your art? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments!

Take it easy, it’s Saturday finally!



Author: Tiffany Fay

I'm Tiffany! I blog about illness, crafting, and share lots of tutorials. And photos of my cats

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