10 Lovely Things #4

Today’s “10 Lovely Things” is another way to help us find key pieces to our manifesto. Think of things last week, and over the weekend, that made you extra happy. Maybe it’s your favorite TV show, or hanging out with friends. Whatever it is, add it to your own lovely things list!

01. I love the sound rain makes when it hits the ground…Even if that ground happens to be a sci-fi scene. I recently saw a statistic that listening to rain sounds lower stress levels, so maybe I need more of this in my everyday routine!

02. I believe in celebrating who I am. These lovely Affirmation bracelets are perfect! They came across my Pinterest feed this morning and I can’t help but think, “this looks like a program idea!” Check out Alma Stoller for the whole project!

Credit to Alma Stoller

03. I believe we are all learners, and we are all teachers. I have a couple of kids at the library who are *obsessed* with origami. This trigonal bipyramid might be the perfect way to have them interact with my new display today!

04. I believe creativity flows in my blood. This DIY applique project has “me” written all over it. Turning a photograph into an applique pattern? Hello?! I’ve already got five photos ready! Check out the tutorial over at Little Button Diaries.

05. I believe in learning to let go of perfection. At first, it doesn’t seem like a lovely thing, but I have all my library programs planned out ’til December! I’m learning to let go of my expectations and opening up a lot to the kids. It’s sooo freeing and super super difficult for the perfectionist in me !

06. I now believe in taking a step back, and asking for help. And speaking of work (which I said I wasn’t going to  write about, oh! but look now what I’m including!), I took a break yesterday at the reference desk. Through some awesome magic powers by one of our admin staff, we had Nesquik milk and cookies! It was simply so good to have a giggly, silly time together.

07. I believe sharing your gift has immeasurable power. Okay, I can’t believe I’m actually pursuing this (and the 2 billion other things on my plate), but I’m starting to outline products for, you guessed it, The Chronic Creative store! There’s still a fair bit I need to figure out, but I’ll keep you posted!

08. I believe in not taking myself too seriously. Here’s to the two or three weeks of having a great, hand lettered banner…only to realize it’s misspelled. I’m going to chalk that one up to brain fog. The old me would have beat herself up over that, but new me isn’t going to dwell on small details. Oh well! C’est la vie!

09. I believe in the power of the night sky; it is a humbling site to experience. Follow The Huffington Post‘s Good News page. This lovely quote from Stephen Hawking was shared on their Facebook page. I always need reminding that for every awful person in the world, there are at least a few good people out there helping one another and caring for the other creatures we share this planet with.

“One, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Two, never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it. Three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is there and don’t throw it away.” —Stephen Hawking

10. I believe in the awesome power of being genuine. For an example during the manifesto writing, I asked people on Facebook how they would describe me. Nothing makes me happier than to see “kids” I bonded with at the high school commenting with answers like “Freaking Radically Awesome,” and “Strong, intelligent, kind, and oh so patient.” I cannot tell you how validating that is, and how restorative it makes me feel. Bring it on, Tuesday, ’cause I can handle whatever you throw at me!

“You are a caring wonderful soul you are persistent and determined which reflects and shows through the passion I see you have in working with kids. In one word you are awesome!”



Author: Tiffany Fay

I'm Tiffany! I blog about illness, crafting, and share lots of tutorials. And photos of my cats

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