Tell Your Story With Pinterest

According to the massive amount of “Write that book this year!” articles I found on the web, a good chunk of us common folk add book writing to our resolution list on December 31. Shock of all shocks: most of us don’t actually do it.  We might come close. We might give it our all for two days during November. But, it just doesn’t come together.


I should know. I’ve put that on my list for years. But, I think what finally gave me the confidence to start even toying around with character building was the idea to create Pinterest boards as a means of reviewing a book. I’m a visual thinker, so it completely changed how I viewed the entire timeline in the story I reviewed. This absolutely coincides with the Listers Gotta List challenge the other day; sharing my favorite Pinterest boards I’m using for inspiration is my way of making up for this awful fibro flare!

Helpful tip: I’ve seen writer after writer suggest using a platform like Evernote. After my stubborn attempts to write in notebooks or in Word documents failed spectacularly, I finally decided to try Evernote. I love it. It allows me to tag several documents with a specific marker so I can easily flip from outline to chapter 3. I can also write short notes, so when I get an inspired piece of dialogue in my head, I can quickly put it in my outline. So easy. So simple. Go get an account.

Onto the boards!

I lied.

Helpful tip #2: I’ve got, like, 6 boards so far. I’ve got a “to be sorted” board, a separate board for both my main characters, a board for setting/chapter 1…I’ll basically have 100 boards. But, I want things to be chronological for the story. Just something to keep in mind.

Helpful tip #3: If you’re writing a short story, a piece of dialogue…whatever…jot down what song you’re listening to, what inspired your piece. That way, if you need to go back and reach that place again, it might be a *bit* easier to find.

Helpful tip #4: If you find a pin that is just what you need, jump down that rabbit hole and follow the pin all over. I’ve found boards upon boards that are incredibly helpful by doing just this.

Okay. Now onto the boards.

Creator: @leviiora//tumblr

This board was inspired by this tumblr user’s portrayal of Rey. It’s so lovely. With an extra dash of perfect. I think it is a great example, too, of using lots of different ways to express a character.

Creator: Ink on the Pages

This Pinterest user takes it to a whole new level. Not only do they use stock photography, but also stills from different casts of The Phantom of the Opera as well as .gif clips! I highly suggest looking at different boards on this account. They are structured with care, and speak volumes about the story they are telling.

Creator: Sirena Rose

With over 2,000 pins, this board boasts a little from all over the place. Textures, photography, text – this is true world building, Pinterest style!

Creator: Futurescape Developments

Of course, my setting includes far away planets. Finding the right kind of setting is key, and this board really helps solidify some specific points in my head. Just goes to show the depth of human imagination!

Creator: N E

One of my important characters has an interesting past. But, some of his story is still up in the air. To help me complete his backstory, I need lots of different imagery. This board dedicated to Bucky has lots of positives. A monochromatic theme makes every sharp and crisp, while text enhances all facets of Bucky’s character.

That’s five boards that are great examples for getting your story, or any story, out of your head and organized into Pinterest boards!

Have a happy and creative Wednesday all!


Author: Tiffany Fay

I'm Tiffany! I blog about illness, crafting, and share lots of tutorials. And photos of my cats

3 thoughts on “Tell Your Story With Pinterest”

  1. great article! I’m in the process of setting up a pinterest specifically for my blog and blog ideas…so this is awesome! I love the new look too! You’re fantastic! Keep it up!

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