What I Carry, Spoonie Edition

As a sick person, my bag is never “normal” by most standards. I carry things that mark me as a spoonie.


Years ago, I remember a trend that spread through Flickr called “What’s In My Bag.” People emptied their totes and briefcases and purses and satchels to document the things they carried on an average day. I was reminded of all those photos last night as I packed my bag before leaving work. thechroniccreative_whaticarryheader

As a sick person, my bag is never “normal” by most standards; I carry a lot of things that mark me as a spoonie. So, I decided to dump my bag out this morning, snap a picture, and share with everyone what I need on a day to day basis.

01. I carry this lovely tote bag I snagged fought for at PLA. I covered it in peach flower embroidery work, and a nice black and white thin stripe fabric liner. It’s sturdy canvas and machine washable. I’ve also started carrying a small leather purse. It helps me keep essentials separate from work things.

02. This manilla envelope holds only things which I need to carry from work to home. Currently, it holds my Fall programming schedule which I’m going to finalize today. I also write up my book orders at home, which is why I’ve been carrying this Book List edition around forever.

03.In the past, I have carried with me an extra dose of each medication I take. Now that the dosages are climbing, those meds stay at home. The only medicines I carry with me on a day-to-day basis are emergency items like Excedrin (both migraine and tension headache), Icy Hot, and my albuterol inhaler. Mints, my keys, and Lysol to-go are the things that go inside my purse.

04.My planner is the only thing that keeps me together. Massive short term memory loss means if I don’t write it down, I won’t remember. It’s got everything – Husband’s schedule, med pick up days, blog calendar, district calendars…everything. And the handy A5 size means I’m not struggling with a huge binder. The other “journal” I take with me is my “To Don’t” flipbook. Learning to say “no” is hard. This helps.

05. This little leather bound book is actually my wallet! I ripped out the guts of the book and sewed a zippered lining into it; it’s soft and malleable, and super lightweight. It also goes in my purse. My large pencil bag carries things I need on a regular basis for journaling or my on-the-go job. Scissors, pencils, erasers, a small 6 six ruler, pencil sharpener, two Sharpies, pens. You know, that kind of stuff.

06. Snacks are a must if I’m in flare mode. Two Excedrin doses makes me sick to my stomach, so I have to take it with at least a granola bar. Yesterday was Junk Food day at work, so I grabbed a bag of popcorn (it’s so good) to go along with my Cheez Its. I also store extra La Croix cans in my desk at work.

Keep in mind this is my Summer bag. What I carry changes when Hell freezes over and ice falls from the sky is radically different.

What do you carry with you every day? Spoonies, do you have one item or many that you rely on while on the go? Share in the comments or on social media!

Look forward to the big manifesto reveal tomorrow (fingers crossed!). If you’ve been following along, I’ll also have tips how I plan to live my manifesto every day!

Happy Friday!


Author: Tiffany Fay

I'm Tiffany! I blog about illness, crafting, and share lots of tutorials. And photos of my cats

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