Short No. 1

I challenged myself to do a short writing piece today. The following is what happened.

She laid there, staring at the ceiling. It stared back deep into her retinas, reaching and reaching, ready to hollow her out and pour It in. She could feel the scraping, scratching nails. Still, she laid. Even as the slime covered her soul, still she laid. When It was finished, nothing around her felt the same. Brightness washed reality into a blur she didn’t recognize.

But, after her long eternity on the ground, she found enough to bring herself, to pull her legs to her. Sitting revealed her cage of see through walls that barred her from everything Out There. There were families at a picnic, children splashing about in a warm summer sun, and flowers waving to her from their sanctuary. Her big, wide, empty eyes looked and looked and spied more underneath, like a layer of film sitting just below the water. Ugly slurs and sun-bright muzzle flashes seared the violence she saw through her galaxy eyes, decorated with sparkling tears, onto her skull. Yes, she confirmed, it is much safer here inside these walls. The visions became murkier and clogged with cries; she could no longer see the warm sun or smiling families.

No longer curious, no longer wanting to see, she began tearing her dress into strips that she stitched to her walls with dreams pulled from her round, empty eyes. It watched the entire process and nodded in agreement as she tore at her garment with ragged fingernails. Hours and days and months and years she spent perfecting the thing that kept Out There, out. As the last shreds went up, she suddenly saw a tiny hole in the wall. Peering out through that hole, she saw a hand attached to an arm attached to a shoulder attached to a neck that supported her.

Like a crashing mirror in slow motion, reality shocked her like a crackle of thunder. It suddenly noticed and sprang to action, once more pulling and pouring. The more It pulled, the harder she pounded and punched at that little hole in the wall. Fighting and fighting, she desperately lunged at the wall, arm outstretched, and finally felt the warm palm of her salvation.

In one move, she found herself breaking, slamming through the once see through walls and looking in on her cage, the prison she had built with Its brick and mortar. The eyes full of void suddenly filled again with swaying flowers and hope like a wind that carried It away.

No one was coming to save her. She did it all on her own.


Author: Tiffany Fay

I'm Tiffany! I blog about illness, crafting, and share lots of tutorials. And photos of my cats

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