10 Lovely Things

It’s been a while since I’ve written up a “10 Lovely Things” post, so to celebrate that fact that we’ve all made it half way through the week, here’s 10 wonderful things I’ve found on the net that make my heart happy.


01. If you’re like me, you probably have an overflowing collection of empty pill bottles. I keep mine and store sewing needles, paper clips, beads, and other small nick nacks. But, if you’re looking for ways to reuse your bottles, Elisabeth Kruger has 30 Genius Ways to Reuse Empty Pill Bottles over at DIY & Crafts. The list has ideas like turning those empty bottles into jewelry storage, seed containers, or cat toys (seriously going to try that one). Check it out!

02. What’s better for a spoonie than home decor made from spoons! Andy’s Selections gathered 15 DIY plastic spoon crafts that include making gorgeous flowers, wreaths, and candle holders!

03. We all know that journaling can help us work through the complexity of our illness. But, I’ve never thought of journaling my appointments. Tania Jayne at When Tania Talks broke down her system and wrote a fantastic DIY that walks you through How To Bullet Journal Doctor’s Appointments. I’m going to try this the next time I go in; it might be a good idea to include information from my Pharmacist as well!

04. One of my new favorite blogs, A New Kind of Normal, has tons of Chronic Illness Resources. Thank you, Jamee Lynne, for sharing all of your amazing resources!

05. Speaking of new blogs, everyone should rush over to Uncustomary; Mary writes super helpful posts about loving you, building your self-esteem, and 50 Ways To Practice Self-Care. She also has one of the most positive Facebook groups ever; join Uncustomary Babes!!!

06. Sometimes, having a chronic illness can be a very alienating experience. That’s why I love articles that help others understand (or come as close as they can to understanding.) For Real For Good shared a post back in April, How To Love Someone With a Chronic Illness, that has realistic information for caretakers, spouses, partners, and family. Share it far and wide!

07. I found Catherine at The Blissful Mind on Pinterest and I’m just blown away by her posts! I’d absolutely suggest you listen to a featured podcast, How Creative Spoonies Can Practice Self Care. It’s pure gold! Click over to her site and stay a while!

08. Okay, last blog promotion, I promise! Chronic Babe, aka Jenni the loveliest woman ever, created her blog for younger women living with multiple illnesses. “I am not my chronic stuff. I am a young, creative, passionate, generous, driven woman. I am a Babe. I’m here to share what I know with you, and to create a space for others to share their successes so that you can be a Babe too.” How amazing does she sound!? Run to her blog right now!

09. Humor can be lost in the mess of doctor’s visits, stereotypes, and pain. I follow Chronic Illness Funnies on Pinterest and have found myself laughing out loud at some of the memes they share! Follow if you want to laugh along with me!

10. Cathy over at Crafting Is My Therapy is sharing 31 Disability Hacks for Housework, and people let me tell you…This has changed how I look at cleaning our apartment. Tips like using wax paper on chrome fixtures are genius! According to Cathy, “Wax paper is great for reducing water marks on chrome and stainless steel taps. Water and oil (wax) don’t mix so the water will be repelled by the wax coating on the taps.” See, genius! These are awesome suggestions even for healthy people with busy schedules.

Yea, it’s not technically September yet, but I couldn’t help myself! I’m so excited about all the upcoming posts and goodies that are coming soon! Remember to click the “subscribe” button in the sidebar so you don’t miss a thing!


What’s the loveliest thing you’ve seen on the web in the past week? Share it in the comments or on social media @faythelibrarian!



10 Lovely Things, #5

There’s been quite a bit of lovely floating around my neck of the woods lately. Sometimes it takes a while to see it, though. Just one reason I’m really enjoying sharing things that put a smile on my geeky face! Simply click the numerals to navigate the things I’m in love with right now!


01. Everyone could use a friendly reminder that short people can be super feisty. We can also be sleepy and dopey, but mainly feisty.

02. Cake pillows, people, are a gift to mankind. Everyone should have one. Or ten.

03. If I knew that painting your hand would be so possible, I would have banked on every time my tweens decided to cover themselves in paint.

04. STAR TREK! There’s finally going to be good sci-fi on while The Expanse regroups. I may be a  *bit* excited.

05. I, like many, have struggled practically my whole adult life to come to terms with my curvy and well endowed body. The body positive message warms my adolescent heart, while JCPenney’s #HereIAm video shouts at me to love who I am now. Dress how you want, be who you are, and don’t give a flying f*** if anyone likes it.

06. And speaking of beautiful, if you’ve never visited Bri Emery over at designlovefest, then I’d highly suggest hopping to her download page. She shares designer created digital wallpaper that keeps my screen light, bright, and sparkly!

07. Check out the new addition to my sidebar: my current planner cover, which I change every Sunday, will now get it’s own spot to shine in! What’s the most unique topic or content you’ve seen in a sidebar?

08. Gratitude never goes out of style; I’m almost done with a super positive project that will hopefully bring smiles to more faces. Check out the link for ways you can pay it forward!

09. Of course, there’s a Pinterest share! Kelli Crowe’s board is just so gosh darn lovely. I always stop and like or save her pins; she’s got a sharp eye for design! Trust me, you’ll need to block an afternoon and just peruse all her boards.

10. What’s something that has made you happy over the past week? Share your inspiration in the comments!

10 Lovely Things #4

Today’s “10 Lovely Things” is another way to help us find key pieces to our manifesto. Think of things last week, and over the weekend, that made you extra happy. Maybe it’s your favorite TV show, or hanging out with friends. Whatever it is, add it to your own lovely things list!

01. I love the sound rain makes when it hits the ground…Even if that ground happens to be a sci-fi scene. I recently saw a statistic that listening to rain sounds lower stress levels, so maybe I need more of this in my everyday routine!

02. I believe in celebrating who I am. These lovely Affirmation bracelets are perfect! They came across my Pinterest feed this morning and I can’t help but think, “this looks like a program idea!” Check out Alma Stoller for the whole project!

Credit to Alma Stoller

03. I believe we are all learners, and we are all teachers. I have a couple of kids at the library who are *obsessed* with origami. This trigonal bipyramid might be the perfect way to have them interact with my new display today!

04. I believe creativity flows in my blood. This DIY applique project has “me” written all over it. Turning a photograph into an applique pattern? Hello?! I’ve already got five photos ready! Check out the tutorial over at Little Button Diaries.

05. I believe in learning to let go of perfection. At first, it doesn’t seem like a lovely thing, but I have all my library programs planned out ’til December! I’m learning to let go of my expectations and opening up a lot to the kids. It’s sooo freeing and super super difficult for the perfectionist in me !

06. I now believe in taking a step back, and asking for help. And speaking of work (which I said I wasn’t going to  write about, oh! but look now what I’m including!), I took a break yesterday at the reference desk. Through some awesome magic powers by one of our admin staff, we had Nesquik milk and cookies! It was simply so good to have a giggly, silly time together.

07. I believe sharing your gift has immeasurable power. Okay, I can’t believe I’m actually pursuing this (and the 2 billion other things on my plate), but I’m starting to outline products for, you guessed it, The Chronic Creative store! There’s still a fair bit I need to figure out, but I’ll keep you posted!

08. I believe in not taking myself too seriously. Here’s to the two or three weeks of having a great, hand lettered banner…only to realize it’s misspelled. I’m going to chalk that one up to brain fog. The old me would have beat herself up over that, but new me isn’t going to dwell on small details. Oh well! C’est la vie!

09. I believe in the power of the night sky; it is a humbling site to experience. Follow The Huffington Post‘s Good News page. This lovely quote from Stephen Hawking was shared on their Facebook page. I always need reminding that for every awful person in the world, there are at least a few good people out there helping one another and caring for the other creatures we share this planet with.

“One, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Two, never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it. Three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is there and don’t throw it away.” —Stephen Hawking

10. I believe in the awesome power of being genuine. For an example during the manifesto writing, I asked people on Facebook how they would describe me. Nothing makes me happier than to see “kids” I bonded with at the high school commenting with answers like “Freaking Radically Awesome,” and “Strong, intelligent, kind, and oh so patient.” I cannot tell you how validating that is, and how restorative it makes me feel. Bring it on, Tuesday, ’cause I can handle whatever you throw at me!

“You are a caring wonderful soul you are persistent and determined which reflects and shows through the passion I see you have in working with kids. In one word you are awesome!”


10 Lovely Things #3


Monday already? My energy is draining just thinking about starting another week. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a totally rockin’ work week. Here’s ten things I’m using to make my week lovely.

01. I am literally drooling all over this board. It’s light, bright, and perfectly built. Go ahead. Drooling is approved.

02. While you’re cleaning up your keyboard from the gorgeousness of that board, you can watch the International Space Station travel around our planet. In HD, even! There’s something very calming about watching the Earth glide through space.

03. After you have achieved perfect calm, head to the kitchen. This is my least favorite room to be in; I am a terrible cook – soup, sandwiches, hot dogs -you name it, I can probably blow it up in a microwave. Thankfully, The New York Times featured a lovely article about perfecting your grilled cheese. I’ll be saving this to show Husband…

04. Now that you’re properly fueled, I normally spend another billion hours or so thinking about my next project. For example, the next thing I want to tackle is a zipped hoodie. I’d love to upcycle it, plus it has a hole, so either way it needs fixing. So, to me, it seems to be a perfect opportunity to do something rad. But, I don’t know what that thing is. I found a great starting place over at Love Cloth.

05. I obviously cycle back to Pinterest, because it isn’t enough of a black hole. Here’s another ooey gooey color board. It makes me just want to grab everything with my hands and paint all over.

06. WAIT, YOU MEAN YOU CAN MAKE COCKTAILS WITH LA CROIX? How did I not know about this? I just finished off a glass full of my favorite sparkling water, and now the Internet tells me I can add alcohol to it. This, I think, single handedly saved summer. Here’s 9 recipes that prove La Croix is the best.

07. Maybe I should sip one of those delectable drinks while I’m reading! I’m pausing Truthwitch to read Mirror In The Sky by Aditi Khorana. Read. It. Now.

For Tara Krishnan, navigating Brierly, the academically rigorous prep school she attends on scholarship, feels overwhelming and impossible. Her junior year begins in the wake of a startling discovery: A message from an alternate Earth, light years away, is intercepted by NASA. This means that on another planet, there is another version of Tara, a Tara who could be living better, burning brighter, because of tiny differences in her choices.

08. And speaking of sci fi, I’m gonna hop up on my soap box a bit now. YA Interrobang is a great source that I use on a frequent basis. It just so happens that this week is special; a new series, Starship Ladies, has been unveiled and it’s gonna kick some ass.Women in sci fi are not taken seriously, and if we’re going to inspire the next generation of engineers and astronauts, then we need to be taking young adult science fiction a bit more seriously.

The women authors of the young adult fiction community are sneered at – for writing books for kids, for being less than worthy of writing for adults, for being simpler, darker, lighter, fluffier, boring, basic, everything and nothing all at once.

The women of speculative fiction, across the board, are beloved by their readers for existing and daring to write.

09. My head is exploding with creativity and ideas spurred by these great writers and the Juno mission. This prompts me to set up my next Pinterest board for the story rumbling around my skull.

10. The last and loveliest things about today’s list is that I’ve made the decision to leave library blogging behind. Instead, I’m going to start writing and world building and designing costumes. You know, fun things! So, if you’ve found yourself here via a past library post, ye be warned!

What’s the loveliest thing that’s getting you through your Monday? Share!

Happy Monday!


10 Lovely Things #2

Does anyone else feel like Monday is useless, especially when you have a Fibromyalgia flare? I felt like I had been flattened by a steamroller. So, today I plan to restart my week on a better note! Without further ado, here’s my list!
01. One of my dearest colleagues gave us all a scare over the weekend. She was struck by a vehicle while walking home; I heard the emergency vehicles rush straight past my apartment building, but never would have thought it was for someone I know! After being hospitalized, she’s been released to go home and let her injuries heal (you hear that, dearest? Sit down, read a book, and heal!!!). We all breathed a huge sigh of relief when we heard she’s going to heal just fine. Definitely a lovely thing!

02. Susan Dennard’s Truthwitch series is amazing! It definitely looks like I’m on my way out of my no-reading rut! The story so far follows two skilled fighters, Safiya and Iseult, who seem like they are constantly in the middle of something. They both have troubled pasts, but their lives are about to get dangerously complicated (I swear I haven’t read the end…much).

Check out Dennard’s website that has some very lovely extras (like my new favorite list that will teach you “How to Swear like Safiya fon Hasstrel“), and might even convince you to march into your local library and check it out!

03. Speaking of stories, I’ve been looking for specific inspiration dealing with the Steampunk genre. One of my upcoming library programs encourages kids to work with 3D printed gears to create something new. Of course, I went to Pinterest. But, look at what I found! An unknown patron dropped off a box of books, some of which were printed around the early 1900s. My uneasiness about this challenge just evaporated!

04. The page assigned to said program has experience with cosplay, so we’re also going to be learning a bit about making costume accessories. I stumbled upon Steampunk hip bags and I’m now obsessed with them. Upcycling one of Husband’s Army uniforms into a cyberpunk hip bag is now on my list of things I must sew. Here’s the tutorial I’ll probably use (with a few tweaks, of course).

05. Clementine Creative has me hooked. Her printables are just what I need! If you’re a planner addict, check out her archive!

06. I have a slew of tunics I don’t wear often because of their shorter length. Why I never thought of sewing a simple shirt extender is beyond me. There are literally tons of tutorials out there, but I might just go off the map and make my own pattern!

07. Whenever I see anything related to Van Gogh, I immediately think of the saddest Doctor Who episodes ever. This week, he’s reminding me who I work for and why. These kiddos deserve the world, and that’s what I believe I was put on this planet to do.

08. The web just keeps feeding my love of space related anything. Pinterest suggested I pin the poem on the right…and I did.

09. Jess Levitz at June Letters took on a project back in 2014 that I’ve just recently stumbled upon. For three months, she challenged herself to make an inspiration board every day. One of her goals was to “seek out new and intriguing inspiration beyond the internet.” It’s a good reminder to unplug once in awhile!

10. Last week, my boss came upstairs to my department. Let’s just say she was not happy that my desk area looked like a hoarders starter kit. Having no place for storage leaves me stacking cardboard and poster paper and boxes of stuff behind my desk. This means I’m on the hunt for new storage solutions; I stumbled upon this rolling, lockable tool cart…I’m in love.  How do you organize your craft materials and  tools?

Later today, I’ll be sharing my favorite calligraphy and brush font artists, and some rockin’ tools! Watch for it!