Make Your Own Drip Painting

This project was half intended masterpiece and part absolute experiment. Most of the time I toss whatever comes out of these wacky trial projects, but today’s product is now sitting nicely in a frame! It was a great activity to get me back in the creative swing of things after my week long fight with the flu! Read on to see how I stumbled into this project!

Make Your OwnDrip Painting.png

Jackson Pollock made this technique famous; even if you don’t know who he is, you likely have seen one of his paintings…namely because they are accompanied by statements like “my seven-year-old could paint that.” That, my friends, is why this technique is so lovely. You don’t need to be the next reincarnation of DaVinci or Monet. It is pure expression of whatever makes you happy.

But, I love drip paintings because of their anonymity. Fifty people could observe the same Pollock painting and each could walk away with a different message. It’s meaning to you belongs to you alone, so you don’t have to worry about other people saying things like “Man, that looks depressing!” Your thoughts are private, not spread out on the canvas for everyone to read.

To start, you’ll need:

  • paint or ink
  • paper or canvas or cardstock or…you get the idea
  • water
  • paint brushes

I have a small spray bottle that I filled with water and used to wet particular areas on my paper. Then, I placed small dots of India ink on the wet spots.Tipping the paper and spraying more water over certain areas spreads the ink like in the photos below. AND YOU’RE DONE. So easy it’s a wonder why we aren’t all seeking paint therapy! Keep in mind, though, that the wetter your paper based material becomes, the heavier it will get. You definitely don’t want your gorgeous piece to fall apart because it’s too heavy.

But, don’t stop there! There are tons of creative ways to use this painting technique to create completely different looks.

01. DIY Drip Painting at Take the Side Street; 02. Monochrome painting found on Tumblr; 03. Art by Shawn Dulaney; 04. HGTV’s Drip Painting video tutorial

Go wild and have fun, creatives!



5 Ways To Decorate With Embroidery Hoops + Tutorial

Packing up and moving to a new home is something I want to never ever do again. I’m so sore I can barely lift my coffee cup, and I swear the boxes are spawning in my living room. But, I’ve decided that this whole experience is actually a blessing in disguise; when you look at something and weigh the pain of moving it versus throwing it in the Goodwill pile, you are forced to stop and consider whether you really need to keep that particular thing.

Like my poor embroidery hoops. At one point, I’m sure it made total sense for me to have ten different sizes. But, now they just sit in my oh-so-perfect craft room (that is oh-so-far from being finished) taking up space. The hoarder in me can’t get rid of them, so I’ve found five decorative uses for embroidery hoops. Also, look for the tutorial to create your own book page filled hoop after the cut!

My embroidery hoops are gorgeous and functional now!

Use embroidery hoops to:

  1. Showcase a neat banner or bunting,
  2. Put your painting tools to use on fabric, and pop it in the hoop!
  3. Use the inner and outer hoop rings to create orbs,
  4. Hang strips of fabric, paper, or objects from the hoop to create a mobile,
  5. And when all else fails, use them as wreath bases!

Click the “Read More” link to find my book page hoop tutorial!

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Create A Simple Motivation Poster

Life is stressful. Can we agree on that? Everytime I hear my kiddos say, “Ugh, I can’t wait to grow up because ____,” I stop them and convince them that one day, they will have to work and feed themselves and it generally sucks. Sure, there are good things, but I largely hate being an adult most days.

I either made this project to quiet my inner critic (she’s so loud) or to cheer myself up after a tough day yesterday. No matter the reason, I must have needed this. It took me less than 20 minutes to make the first piece of intentional art that will hang in my new craft room, and it’s sole purpose is to motivate me to be myself. In the end, you have to live with all the decisions you make, good and bad. As long as you know you do the best you can in any given situation, that’s what matters.

2016-05-10 05

Interested in making a positive message for yourself? My full tutorial (with pictures!) is after the cut!

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