Decor On A Dime: DIY Mini Paper Wreath

You know how sometimes, life throws you a curve ball and then rears back to reload? Not only did our internet and cable go dark for a week (yeah, I’m still not over it), but we also had no running water at the beginning of this week! I feel like a need a vacation just from playing phone tag to get everything fixed!

All in all, getting offline was good, though. It gave me time to hole up in my craft room and create without any distraction. I love paper crafts, especially when they recycle materials that otherwise would go in the trash. My mini paper wreath is made from an old physics textbook and La Croix cardboard, perfect for those bland and boring college dorm room walls!


It took me a couple hours from start to finish, but I am so happy with the results. No special tools are needed; in fact, there are only a couple of things you need to create your own wreath:

  • cardboard
  • paper (the thinner the paper, the easier it will curl)
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • pencil

Read on to see how I made it and three other mini wreath projects to try!

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How I Made A Wreath In 30 Minutes

Yesterday marked one of the happiest days of my life; being given the chance to marry my best friend is something I am thankful for everyday. Yes, I tell people I’m married to a five year old, but he is genuinely the best part of my life.

And to celebrate, I made a wreath in under 30 minutes with bad words on it. I caution you now, if you are not partial to cursing, don’t read any further. Swearing in our household is a given, and I really think Husband elevates it to an art. I thank the United States Navy for teaching him that.


One thing I’ve always envied is Husband’s carefree nature. He once told me he saw no point in worrying; surviving a war zone has given him not necessarily a rosy outlook, but he sees no point in stressing over what tomorrow might bring. Whereas I, on the other hand, am in a constant state of worried panic. I did, however, find myself giving his advice to one of my coworkers, so perhaps his unclouded view is slowly rubbing off.

Even if I remain a worrier for the rest of my life, Husband has at least taught me how to swear like a fucking champ.

Read on for the full wreath tutorial!

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